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The Third War. A time when tensions reached their tipping point. A time when self-righteous leaders and governments voraciously craved power to the point where they disregarded their own peoples' well-being. A time of strife and conflict. This was civilization's last breath; its last moment. This was the extinction level event. Armageddon. Nuclear holocaust. Total destruction. The wickedness of man had been his very own undoing. The planet was lost; life was lost. Or was it?

Twenty-seven years later, the remnants of humanity struggles to rebuild itself. Important truths, which became evident shortly before the war, were again reduced to myths and conspiracies; simple survival had become a top priority for the citizens of the scorched wastelands. Tension and reckless feelings of empowerment, eerily reminiscent of the pre-war era, had eventually resurfaced. Will humankind be able to break these chains of despair and cast off the never ending cycle of self-ruin? Will goodness finally prevail? A hero is often needed in times like these...

Enter Jareth Loneguard, an ex-scout who's stark predicament will set in motion a turn of events that shift the focus from mere survival and petty squabbling to a world-changing affirmation of the one true reality which had been diabolically hidden for so many years.

I must stay awake. Please Lord, don't let me fall asleep again...

Phillip Brown is on the verge of being homeless. Out of desperation, he accepts a stranger's invitation.
Doors is a short horror story about a man who experiences an odd, and often times violent, reoccurring nightly event.

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